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REBEL line Shimmer Reverb stompbox. A hybrid combination of a 24-bit DSP and an analogue signal path results in a clean effect space while maintaining a strong dry signal.

Spectral Verb is like a ticket into the outer space, and the three potentiometers determine the destination galaxy.

Everything is safely enclosed in a powder-coated metal housing with a legendary footswitch you can find in other g-lab's products, which ensures excellent results on the demanding scene over the years.

The REBEL line features a TRUE BYPASS with quiet switching and MIDI communication.

Basic characteristics:

- Shimmer level adjustment

- Reverberation time control

- Wet/dry mixing

- Metal on/off footswitch

- MIDI IN and MIDI THRU for MIDI commands

- LED overdrive indicator

- Electromechanical relay TRUE BYPASS

- Maximum input level 5 dBu

- Power 9 V DC

- Side ports

- Mount holes for easy installation on a pedalboard

- Robust powder-coated aluminium and steel housing


MAGIC knob – for adjusting the shimmer added to the reverberation.

TIME knob – for setting reverberation time from tenths of milliseconds to several seconds.

MIX knob – for setting the wet/dry signal ratio.



With MIDI messages, you can switch the effect on/off on a MIDI controller. The MIDI THRU output provides the signal received on MIDI IN.

MIDI channel = 10, Control Change = 22 Value: 127 = effect on, Value: 0 = effect off.



If you use only stompbox overdrives, SV-1 should be connected as the last stompbox before the amp. When you use overdrive channels of your amp, connect SV-1 to the amp effect loop.


LED indicators

The LED on the cover indicates the operating mode. Low-intensity light means the effect is off, high-intensity light means it is on. Additionally, when the effect is on, and the signal on the IN input exceeds the acceptable amplitude, the diode intensity is reduced, indicating an overdrive.



The stompbox can be fixed with M4x20 bolts or Velcro. The rubber feet can be glued to the pedalboard.


Power supply

It is advisable to use a 9 V DC stabilised >150 mA power supply. Make sure the jack poles are correct before connecting the power supply.



  1. Spectral Verb SV-1
  2. 4x Velcro
  3. 2x bolt M4x20
  4. 4x rubber feet
  5. 1x jack adapter
  6. Operating manual
  7. Use conditions



Technical data

Depth: 120 mm

Width: 80 mm

Height: 65 mm

Weight: 500 g

IN impedance: 1 Mohm

Maximum input: 5 dBu

Input power: 120 mA

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